Travel Bag for Carbon Ultralight

This bag is custom-made for the Carbon Ultralight rollator’s dynamic design, making it a perfect fit and protected in all the right places. A protection pad between the wheels protects even the front forks from scratches during transport.


To keep your rollator protected during travels we’ve designed this travel bag. It’s a must-have for all adventurers.

  • Keeps your rollator safe and scratch-free during travels
  • Custom-made for the Carbon Ultralight’s dynamic design, to keep it protected in all the right places
  • Sturdy material, perfect for every situation
  • Dual strap system with both carry-handle and an adjustable shoulder strap
  • With our travel bag for the Carbon Ultralight rollator walker, you will be able to travel and go on adventures elegantly while keeping your rollator safe and scratch-free.

The sturdy material keeps the bag looking great even after multiple uses and the beautiful grey melange color prevents visible stains. To make sure the rollator is fully protected on the inside as well, the bag is padded and lined with an elegant and soft lining.

The dual straps system, with both a carry-handle and an adjustable shoulder strap, ensures you can carry the bag no matter the situation.

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28.3" (71.9 cm)


8.3" (21 cm)


33.5" (85 cm)


1.8 lb (816 gr)


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