Cane Holder for Carbon Ultralight

The cane holder for the Carbon Ultralight rollator will help you cover any adventure since you do not need to decide between your cane or rollator. With the cane holder, you can easily attach your cane to the rollator frame and bring it with you – without any hassle.


To hold your cane in place while walking with your rollator we have designed this smart and easy-to-use cane holder

  • Smart solution to carry your cane in an effortless way
  • Includes 2 different sizes of top pieces, for a perfect fit no matter the size of your cane
  • Easy to attach and detach – and easy to use
  • Drain in the bottom which prevents collection of water and dirt

The cane holder is easy to use. You clip on the top clip to the seat frame and slide the holder onto the bottom part of the frame. After that, you just place your cane in the holder and push it into the clip. The clip comes in two sizes, to make sure that it matches whatever cane size you are using.

With the drain at the bottom, the cane holder doesn’t collect any water and is easy to clean.

Can also be used on the Carbon Overland Rollator, although the color of the cane holder in Dark Grey will fit better as it matches the colors of the other plastic parts on the rollator.

Additional information




2.4" (6 cm)


2.2" (5.6 cm)


2.2" (5.6 cm)


0.13 lb (59 gr)


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